Hot Vacuum Membrane Press VPS-300 for furniture production.

Vacuum membrane press VPS-300

The vacuum presses VPS-300 optimal solution for woodworking and furniture production.

The vacuum presses of VPS series equipped with heating system, which allow reduce time of drying of glue and increase productivity of production. The heating temperature monitored and maintained automatically. Airflow allow to get uniform heat. The membrane presses can be used for small capacities but also for professional using.

Area of application: Veneering and laminating of flat and curved surfaces. Multilayer bending and veneering. Producing of bent-glued elements. Covering of simple profiles.

Technical parameters

Working table size, (l х w), mm: 3000 х 1300 3000 х 1500
Working temperature maks., C: 80 80
Heating system power, kW: 4,0 4,0
Vacuum pump power, kW: 0,75 0,75
Vacuum pump capacity, m3/h: 25 25
Vacuum level, kg/сm2 (bar): - 0,85 - 0.85
Protection level: IP53 IP53
Noise level, Db: <70 <70
Power, V: 3Ph 400V 50Hz 3Ph 400V 50Hz
Outline dimensions, (l x w x h), mm: 3100 x 1450 x 1650 3100 x 1650 x 1650
Weight, kg: 550 650